BonVito Customer Loyalty

At the end of 2010, after several years of development, Vectron presented bonVito, a multi-functional customer retention program, which is directly integrated to the Vectron POS systems. All customer retention campaigns are effected automatically via the POS system during checkout. All bonVito partners can create individual campaigns for customer retention via their secure access to the bonVito site and send them to selected POS systems via Internet. bonVito offers individual loyalty cards, collection and redemption of points, digital stamps as well as coupons per E-mail, SMS or receipt imprint. All relevant data is stored in the system and is available for controlling purposes, marketing campaigns and detailed evaluation. The market launch started in March 2011. The most important target market is the hospitality trade.

Rely on the international experience and technical know-how of one of the leading european manufacturers of POS systems:
Vectron - leading in POS Technology

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